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Are you a guidance counselor, parent, teacher, or someone who has the ability to influence younger people? Right now is the time to take advantage of your situation and help someone discover the opportunities for a great career as an insulator.

Insulators Local 84 in the Youngstown/Akron areas is offering an apprenticeship that will lead someone into a successful career where they will experience continuous growth, great benefits, livable wages, and long term job security.

Through Insulators Local 84 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (J.A.T.C.) apprenticeship, apprentices will receive industry leading training and become a master in the insulation industry in one of the skilled trades:

Educators play an important role in the recruitment process by showing younger, impressionable people that there are other paths to take to lead a successful career than going to college to earn a degree. Showing students that they could earn a livable wage, receive benefits, have long term job security, and work towards their retirement, all while learning their craft debt free could influence them to take their first steps towards becoming an insulator.

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