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Mechanical Insulation is one of the few items installed during construction that begins to pay for itself as soon as the system is activated. Not only does mechanical insulation provide immediate savings for the project owner by decreasing energy usage, but it also increases energy efficiency, which leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The members of Insulators Local 84 are highly skilled and highly trained to expertly install mechanical insulation.

This proven and time-tested technology involves the jacketing of mechanical systems with specifically designed insulation. By properly adding mechanical insulation to systems, project owners can be assured of proper thermal regulation or temperature control of these systems.

There are many benefits to install mechanical installation on a project, such as:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Firestopping
  • Improving the performance of mechanical systems
  • Maximizing the return on investment
  • Reducing emissions and noise
  • Preventing condensation
  • Enhancing safety and personnel protection
  • Improving the appearance of mechanical system and piping
  • Increasing the life expectancy of new mechanical equipment

Local 84 union insulators have the experience, skills and resources to handle a wide-variety of projects requiring the installation of mechanical insulation. These projects range from large nuclear, gas-fired and coal power plants, ethanol plants, refineries, automotive manufacturing facilities and food-processing plants to medium sized projects such as hospitals, schools and high-rise buildings. Local 84 tradesmen and tradeswomen even work on smaller commercial and manufacturing facilities, government buildings and craft breweries.

While the initial installation of mechanical insulation is important, proper upkeep and maintenance is just as vital. The trained experts of Local 84 can identify and upgrade or fix faulty and/or failing insulation systems. For almost a century, our members have been trusted to handle such work on some of the region’s most important buildings, improving the life span of pre-existing insulation, as well as making the insulation more efficient and cost-effective.

Insulators Local 84 strongly encourages an energy audit be performed on all systems and buildings in order to identify ways to improve system efficiency and help reduce costs.

An energy audit can show if a structure or process system is properly insulated. Trained and equipped in the latest technology, our members will determine the insulation needs for a facility and its mechanical systems. This assessment will include ways to repair existing insulation, install new insulation on areas not previously insulated and create a true maintenance program for the mechanical insulation.

A 3E Energy Audit will quickly pay for itself, by identifying potential savings available through proper insulation and maintenance.

Energy Audit

Are you interested in having an energy audit performed on your building or mechanical system? Fill out this form and a trained Local 84 member will be in touch with you.

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