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Brothers and Sisters, please use the links below, which are digital resources to help you find information pertaining to Local 84 membership, benefits and materials provided by the International.

Local 84 Expense Map – 2017-2021

HRA Reimbursement Form
Download Form

We are proud to host upgrade training for our Local 84 members. We hold ICRA training twice per year, a yearly OSHA-10 course and a biennial OSHA-30 class. Check our calendar to see the most up-to-date training schedule.

International Union Hall:

International Member Services:

Links to Tissue Bank forms for USA / English

Insulators Tissue Bank Informational PowerPoint


Insulators Tissue Bank Contact Info Sheet


Insulators Tissue Bank Participant Information


Insulators Tissue Bank Consent Form – United States


Instructions for Completing Consent Form – United States


Instructions for Completing Consent Form (United States for non-members)


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